Methamphetamine- Why is it a problem?

Could you, your family, along with your property and possessions be exposed to Methamphetamine (Meth) Contamination? 

Ice use (smoking) is on the rise across Australia, which coincides with hundreds of thousands of homes, and public areas being contaminated. The smoking of ice along with manufacturing laboratories is leaving an unwanted legacy as the toxic residue seeps into and remains on surfaces unless professionally decontaminated.

These toxic residues can affect you and your families health. The residues can be breathed in, and you can also be directly effected from touching of contaminated surfaces.



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Methamphetamine Screenings

Sampling for possible methamphetamine contamination may save home owners, agents or buyers considerable amounts of money incurred in the cost of decontamination, and to replace items and possessions by providing evidence which may be used to determine a person responsible for contamination.

NIOSH 9111 Training Certificates

NIOSH 9111 Training Accreditation